The Great Saddle Search- Part 1

So you already heard the story of how I came to own my 17 ” King Series Western Saddle. I looked on Craigslist and in a few tack stores over the course of several weeks and by pure luck, found it at a tack swap for a mere $75 bucks…Let me stress…it was pure luck.

The search for my next saddle wasn’t so easy. It was while searching for my next saddle when I realize just how under served big girl riders are. Here’s the story;

Diane successfully taught me the basics of western riding. I had Tre under control and he was finally following my direction. I even had a solid jog under my belt. I was feeling really good! Then Diane’s daughter Lauren came into my life like a tornado. She was loud, opinionated, and totally un-afraid to tell me exactly how she felt. Lauren is forward in life, and it reflects in her riding. English of course. “You look great, but UGH that western jog” Lauren said. “We have to get you moving forward!”. And Lauren took over my riding instructions. Before we knew it, she had me working in an extended trot, and I was posting! “Rise and fall the the outside wall” She would cry if I lost my rhythm…I was doing good, and I liked the forwardness of her style of riding…

Months went by and Lauren, Diane, and I were riding together regularly. Diane rode western, Lauren english, and I…well I was somewhere in between. I liked the forward action of english style riding, and I really liked posting (because it was fun and helping tone up my inner thighs like WHOA!) but I also liked the laid back western feel and the turquoise and pink tack that Diane gave me from her barrel racing days (yes I know, I’m ridiculous). So what do I choose? After a few more months of contemplating I realized what the answer was. I was riding english but using western tack because that’s what I had. I needed an english saddle and I was going to start looking for one.

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