The Great Saddle Search-Part 3

After about 6 months of searching, I realized that my small budget was the road block standing in the way of me and any saddle that was worth my while. I had set my limits at $300 and had the money set aside in my “saddle fund” ready to go whenever I needed it. I wasn’t having any luck in that price range and I felt that if I saved a little bit more money, I would be able to find what I was looking for. Over the course of the next year I put away every cent that I could. My Christmas and birthday money all went in my saddle fund along with any extra cash I made petsitting. I eventually had $800 put away and I was ready to make a purchase…now all I had to do was find the saddle!

I’d been doing research on a new saddle that I’d seen online. It was priced at $895.00 brand new and came in my size. The Henry De Rivel saddles also had great reviews online. If I saved another $100 bucks, I’d have a brand new saddle. I decided I could save a little longer for it. I continued saving, but kept my eye out on my favorite sites just in case anything else cropped up in the meantime.

One day I was searching HorseClicks online, and There is was. A listing for a 19″ Stubben Sigfried CS, in Massachusetts,  for $750! It looked brand new in the pictures so I immediately sent an email to the lister. He emailed me back within an hour. It was for real. The saddle was only used once, stored indoors, and in brand new condition. Stubben Sigfreid CS saddles are appx. $2,200.00 brand new, and Stubben is known for their high quality product line, so I was in HEAVEN!

I emailed Lauren, and she agreed to come with me to meet the guy listing the saddle for sale. After an hour, we arrived at the meeting point and I have to admit, I was nervous. What if the saddle wasn’t what it seemed? I’d been waiting so long for this and I had become so excited that the letdown should it not work out, would be huge. The man took the saddle out of the bed of his truck, removed the blue Stubben cover, and <insert Hallelujah choir here> it was gorgeous! Lauren, being the practical person she is, crowed “but what if she doesn’t fit in it?” So the man proceeded to lift the saddle onto the side of his truck bed and say “Climb on up and test it out”. If you could have seen my jaw drop! Me, climb up and sit on a saddle that was perched on the side of a truck bed  in the middle of a public parking lot?! Oh yeah I did it! I kicked off my heels, climbed on up, lifted one leg <cautiously> over the side of the truck, and sat down. IT FIT GREAT! WAHHOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! YESSSSS!!!!!!! I paid the man $740 (he gave me a $10 discount because all I had were 20’s) and Lauren and I were off with MY NEW SADDLE!!!! After 16 months The Great Saddle Search had finally come to an end.

As a big girl, it was really hard to find a saddle on a budget. Larger seat saddle are absolutely available, but they aren’t as common as the smaller saddles out there. If you are on a budget and can’t afford a brand new one, don’t lose hope. There ARE good deals out there. You just have to look in all the right places, and be patient.


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