Big Butt? Big Saddle! (english)

Continuing where we left off yesterday, let’s talk about big english saddles!

Upon entering any tack store and searching the saddle racks, us girls with extra big ASSets automatically think “WHAT THE HECK!” there is almost nothing above an 18″ seat and forget ever finding a 19″ or 20″ english saddle in a store. You might as well be looking to buy a unicorn to put your saddle on! Fortunately for you guys,  I’ve done a lot of legwork on my personal search for a 19″ english saddle so I have all the info!

If you’re looking for a used saddle, prepare to brace yourselves for a long haul. It took me over a year to find  exactly what I was looking for. Let’s face it, your saddle is like underwear for riding. If it doesn’t fit perfect your’re not going to want to wear it. Yeah, I could have settled for an 18.5 saddle and squeezed into it, but I would have had a major wedgie every ride for there on out. Yeah, no thanks! Here are the places you want to look for large seat used saddles:

If you have a larger budget and are looking to buy a new saddle you’ll certainly have an easier time than looking for a consignment saddle, but new or used, not all saddle companies make saddles above an 18″. If you’re a plus size and fit into an 18″ english saddle, congratulations! This is a common size and you should have no trouble finding a few 18″ saddle at any tack store. There is also a HUGE variety of 18″ saddles online. All you have to do is search ” 18″ english, jumping, dressage, etc…..saddle” and you will have endless resources at your fingertips!

For those of us who are larger than an 18″ seat, it starts to get tricky. Many companies make an 18.5″ seat, but tack stores may not stock more than 1 or 2 styles because they are not “hot ticket” items. If you want to look in a store, I would call ahead. If the saddle company produces an 18.5″ seat but the store doesn’t have one in stock, you can always sit an 18″ seat in a brand you like to get a feel for the leather quality, comfort, gullet width, etc….and special order the bigger size. The online tack stores offer a lot of brands and styles of english saddles in an 18.5″ seat. You it might take a little bit of searching to find what you need, but you will find it!

If you’re like me and need a 19″ or 20″ english saddle…I feel your pain. Who even MAKES english saddles this big, let alone who sells them? Lucky for you after 16 months of searching, I have the answers!

  • Stubben, Henri De Rivel, and Bates, are 3 dependable saddle makes who put out 19″ saddles in a variety of tree width
  • Cortina, Jorges Canaves Berlin, Thornhill, and Equiroyal make saddles up to 20″ seats.

State Line Tack has a good assortment of brands and styles in the larger seat sizes. If you are comfortable ordering a saddle online, this company is very reputable.

If you have patience, you’ll find what you are looking for.

Happy Hunting!



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