Big Butt? Big Saddle! (australian)

I don’t know much about australian saddles, so I will only recommend 1  australian saddle brand. The Australian Stock Saddle Co. is the original producer of this type of saddle and they put out a very high quality saddle. Australian saddle have a reputation of being extremely comfortable. Riders who own australian saddles often say, “Once you go aussie, you never go back”.

Lauren, Diane, and I came across this saddle company last year at the Equine Affaire at Eastern States Exposition in Springfield, MA. We saw their booth and went to check it out. After an hour of talking to the rep, sitting in saddle after saddle, and looking over all of the merchandise, Lauren purchased an Australian Stock Saddle for her fiance. A few month ago, Diane found a used Australian Stock Saddle brand saddle at a local tack shop and couldn’t pass up the great deal!

I discussed saddle size with the Autralian Stock Saddle Co. rep at the Equine affaire, and he said they have made saddles up to 22″. These saddles can be custom made to fit the rider and horse perfectly so if you are interested in this saddle brand, be sure to contact someone from the company to discuss sizing.

**Australian saddles run several inches small than english saddles. For example, I was measures as a 21″ seat australian saddle while I am a 19″ english saddle.



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