Let’s Talk About Western Boots…

Last time we talked about boots, I gave you the skinny on what brands and styles of ENGLISH boots were the best money could buy for those of us with not-so-skinny calves and feet. Well fear not you curvaceous Western women…I did not forget about you! Yesterday on the EighteenHands Facebook page I asked what types of boots the curvy calved Western riding fans swore by, and I got some great answers.

Twisted X

Twisted X Western boots come in many differnt styles…but what is good about these boots is that select styles come in a wide boot shaft (C width) that is perfect for fitting a wide foot and curvey calf!

Justin Gypsy

The Justin Gypsy boot brand offers a stylish and fun line of products. These boost come in a varitey of shaft legnths, but their signature boot boasts a shorter boot shaft wihtout being an ankle boot. This style offers easier entry for a wide foot or calf!

What’s YOUR favorite western boot brand?



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