EighteenHands Rule Book

I created EighteenHands to provide a safe and fun place for plus size riders to talk, share, shop, swap, and have a bucking good time. At EighteenHands it is of the utmost importance that a safe and friendly environment is maintained. Please read and follow the rules below before enjoying all EighteenHands has to offer. These rules are also applicable to the EighteenHands facebook  fan page, YouTube Channel, and anywhere else EighteenHands.

  1.  “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”- Be respectful and courteous to all members at all times.
  2.  Absolutely NO posting of malicious comments under ANY circumstances.- It is not up to you as members to police, judge, or criticize any other members, at any time. If you are the victim of internet harrassment on any EighteenHands portal, reports should be made to me at 18handsstore@gmail.com  IMMEDIATELY.
  3. Any member who chooses to direct hurtful or inappropriate comments at another member will be removed and blocked from all EighteenHands resources immediately– This is self explainatory. If you are a jerk, you can leave.
  4. No posting of items for sale without permission.- Please contact me at 18handsstore@gmail.com to discuss listing your items for sale.  Any items posted for sale without permission will be promptly removed.

If any member at any time feels they are victim of Internet harassment on this site or the facebook fan page,  please contact me at 18handsstore@gmail.com IMMEDIATELY. It is difficult for me to police every post and picture, so I ask that you are responsible and diligent in helping me keep EighteenHands a safe and friendly place to be.



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