Easy No-Bake Horse Treats!

We all like to give our horses special treats. Things like carrots, peppermints, apples, sugar cubes, and store bought snacks are common rewards we bestow upon our four legged companions and they love us for it…Next time you are in the mood to get creative in the kitchen try out some of these easy NO BAKE horse treat recipes. They are fun to make and your horse will go bucking-wild for them!!


Homemade Pumpkin Busy Ball

Remove stem from a small pumpkin. Cut the top off and remove insides. Fill Pumpkin with assorted goodies such as grain, oats, peppermint pieces, fruit slices, molasses, honey, etc… Replace the top of the pumpkin and give to your horse. The pumpkin is 100% edible and he/she will have a wonderful time trying to get the filling out before devouring the pumpkin itself.


 Honey Buns

¼ cup dry oatmeal
1 cup sweet feed
2 Tlbs. Apple sauce
1 Tlbs. Honey (or molasses)
1 cup cheerios
4 sugar cubes
Pinch of brown sugar
½ cup water

Mix oatmeal with water. Add sweet feed and apple sauce. Mix well. Stir in remaining ingredients. Shape and serve.

Fun and Easy Horsie Cakes

Plain Rice Cakes
Molasses or honey
Assorted Topping of choice.

Spread molasses or honey thinly on one side of rice cake. Top with fun treats like shredded carrots, thin sliced apples, crushed peppermints, oats, sweet feed, banana slices…use your imagination!


Candy Apples

Slice apple into wedges. Dip wedges into molasses. Roll in your horses favorite topping. Try crushed cereal, sweet feed, oats, peppermint pieces, grated carrots, and more…




Remember, sweet treats are fun and rewarding for your horse but like all indulgences, must be fed in moderation. As in humans, too much sugar in the diet can cause weight gain. Enjoy making and feeding these easy no-bake treats, but don’t over-do it!

Be sure to exclude any ingredients that are not healthy for your horse. Horses cannot digest peanuts and a lot of nuts have toxic effects so avoid giving them nuts or nut butter products.



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