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Meet Katrina

Hey Girls! Meet a new member of the Big Girl Cowgirl Club, Katrina! Hi my name is Katrina and I am from Chetek, WI.  I am 37 years old and a mom of 3 kids. I’ve been on horses since the age of … Continue reading

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Dubarry Galaway ExtraFit Boot!!!!!

ATTENTION LADIES! If you are a fan of the luxurious Dubarry boot brand, but have never been able to own a pair because your calves and/or feet are just a little too big….then I have a treat for you! Dubarry has … Continue reading

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Things “Skinny” riders say to Big Girl Cowgirls…..and what they REALLY Mean

How about a little sarcastic humor? Here are some things that I’ve heard non-fat riders say to fat riders….and my take on what I think they really mean.   “That’s a really nice saddle, what size is it?” …“I didn’t realize … Continue reading

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Making your ride easier with excercise

Plus size riders sometimes share common difficulties in the saddle. These struggles often include but are not limited to: Difficulty with or fear of mounting Struggle finding correct balance in the saddle Tendency to lean forward slightly Lack of stamina during … Continue reading

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Myth Busters! Breaking Negative associations between being over weight and going to the gym!

There’s been A LOT of discussion here and on the Facebook page about new or renewed weight loss motivation. While I would never encourage someone to lose weight for any reason other than if they truly wanted to…I would like to … Continue reading

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So how am I doing?

I mentioned a while back that I started a weight loss adventure, and only now realized that it’s been several weeks and I haven’t given you an update! HOW RUDE AM I?    Diet status: Still going strong. I am doing … Continue reading

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Do you read the comments?

Do you read the comments that fellow plus sized riders post in response to my blog entries? I do! While I appreciate all of the kind words that each and every one of you have to say, some reader comments … Continue reading

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Good Bye Consignment Page…

After much deliberation, I have decided to remove the consignment page from EighteenHands. While I still believe that a consignment page was an excellent idea, I cannot compete with the many free listing sites available out on the web. My … Continue reading

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