Product Review: Smith-Worthington Signature Bridle

I’ve been in the market for a new bridle for my Percheron mare, Willow, and I was having a hard time finding what I wanted. After weeks of coming up empty handed I decided to do yet another Google search for “English Draft Bridles” when I was pleasantly surprised with my discovery of The Smith-Worthington Saddlery Co. . Smith-Worthington is a long time Connecticut based saddlery that produces fine English saddles and tack in all sizes, including draft sizes. I held my breath while I clicked thier link for “draft bridles”….They have PAGES of bridles that come in draft sizes! Yipee! Dressage, Hunter, Eventing, and more! Oh boy was I excited! After scrolling through all of the pages of bridles, one in particular stood out to me:

The Signature Padded Event Bridle


This bridle was exactly what I had been looking for, so of course an order was immediately placed (I ordered the draft size in color Havana)!! Let me tell you… I was SO anxious to get this bridle and try it on Willow because I was secretly thinking that it couldn’t actually be a full draft size bridle and that it would never fit Willow (hey, I can’t always be an optimist!). To my shock an awe, the bridle came in the mail THE NEXT DAY! I mean I know that CT and MA are close but the S.W. people had to have processed and package that order almost instantaneously in order for it to get it to me that quickly. Very impressive Smith Worthington, very impressive…

So I got the bridle in the mail. It came in pieces <gasp> and I had to watch several YouTube videos to put the thing together becasue I’ve never actually put a bridle together before. Thankfully, itt was easy enough to figure out. The first thing I noticed as I assembled the bridle was, “boy is the leather nice and soft!” AND it was BIG TOO!! Yes there was no doubt that this was in fact a full draft size bridle and would undoubtedly fit Willow <let’s out held breath>. So I took my newly assembled bridle and off I went to the barn. I slapped it on Willow, made the necessary adjustments, and VOILA! PERFECT!!!

Here is the complete rundown on the Smith-Worthington Signature Padded Event Bridle:

Item: Smith-Worthington Signature Padded Event Bridle
Material: Leather
Colors Available: Havana, Black/Black, Black/White
Sizes Available: Cob, Horse, Large Horse, Draft
Price: $113.25
Description: (Taken directly from the S.W. website) With propper care, this bridle will give you years of rugged service. It comes with a softly padded crown, brow and nose and an easily and quickly removable flash noseband. Included are laced reins. SignatureTM bridles are made from Continental leather from one of the world’s major tanners. The leather is tanned and curried with plenty of “fat liquoring” for suppleness and long life. These bridles are beautifully made with attention to details:

  • Slotted cavessons and lined turnbacks on reins and cheeks for durability.
  • Aniline finished leather for easy cleaning and preservation. Oil soaks in and doesn’t bead up on the surface.
  • 10 stitches per inch for beauty and strength.
  • Stainless steel buckles and hardware will never rust.
  • Back punched holes make buckles easy to use

Overall Rating: A+


  • High quality soft and supple leather
  • The leather is dyed rather than “painted” as many less expensive bridles are.
  • Modest price point for quality of the bridle
  • True to size
  • Laces reins included
  • Flash band is completely removable. Flash bad is attached by a completely removable tab piece that is easy to manipulate and does not compromise the integrity of the noseband, so you are left with a standard noseband and don’t have that annoying little tab hanging there all by itself.
  • Crown and noseband are padded nicely for your horses comfort 
  • Sleek, simple no-frills design for those who don;t like “fancy stitching”
  • Good, solid stitching


  • The bridle does not come assembled (although this hardly seems to be a true “con” because it was easy enough to assemble. I added this point simply because I personally had never put together a bridle before so it took me 15 minutes to assemble it)
  • The leather color is lighter in person than it is in the picture online. Again, this is hardly a true “con”. I suspect the color is slightly off because the leather is dyed vs. painted (which is a “pro”). Once I oil the bridle it will darken and the problem will be solved.

I really like this bridle so far* and I have no complaints about it or Smith-Worthington. This bridle and The Smith-Worthington Saddlery Co. get an A+ in my book!

*I will report back on this bridle after I have ridden in it for several months to see how the integrity of the leather and stitching hold up.


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