Resource Alert: ChestnutMareCrafts

Hey all! I haven’t blogged in a while so I wanted to say a big HELLO to all of you and to share an awesome plus size friendly resource I stumbled upon recently….

Chestnut Mare Crafts is an Etsy shop run buy Meredith, A CT native. Meredith creates  beautiful saddle pads, quarter sheets, saddle covers, stirrup covers, and other equine crafts. My hands down favorites in her shop are her saddle pads and quarter sheets.

SADDLE PADS: ChestnutMareCrafts saddle pads are 23″ along the spine so they will accomodate all of our larger seat english saddles. The standard saddle pad has a slightly forward front edge so it will fit most A/P and jumping saddles. The “model” saddle in all of the Etsy shop photos is an 18″ Stubben Siegfried VSD so it gives you an idea of how large these pads are and how they will look under a larger seat saddle. an added bonus is that you can customize your saddle pad, adding pockets and other features to meet your needs! Are you looking for a dressage pad? Pony pad? Large draft pad? NO PROBLEM!! Send Meredith a quick message and she will gladly accomodate you!

“Both girth straps and billet straps are made of durable, black nylon webbing, to help keep the saddle pad in place while riding. For added durability, nylon webbing covers the spine of the pad as well.

This high quality saddle pad fits under English all-purpose or jumping saddles to help cushion and protect your horse’s back while riding. It measures 23″ across along the spine and 19.5″ from the withers to the bottom of the pad. In these photos, the saddle shown with the pad is a Stubben Siegfried VSD saddle, size 18 wide.

Chestnut Mare Crafts saddle pads are filled with a layer of 1/2″ NuFoam densified batting. NuFoam quilts like foam, but it will not yellow nor disintegrate; plus it is resistant to mildew, and holds its shape well.”

chestnut mare crafts 
QUARTER SHEETS: I love a quarter sheet in the winter, but try finding one draft size (yeah riiiiight!). I typically find quarter sheets to either be a.) WAY overpriced for a mere square of fleece, or b.) Cheaply made and so not worth the money…

ChestnutMareCrafts has FIVE quarter sheet sizes from Small to Draft and they are handmade with high quality materials and are fully customizable! They come in full fleece, fleece lined cotton, or coming soon (per my special request) full fleece with printed cotton border (YES, I’ll share pictures when its done!!!). ChestnutMareCrafts quarter sheets come in at a fairly reasonable price as well. They aren’t “cheap” but won’t break the bank either. For the quality of materials and workmanship that goes into these, they are definitely worth the price.

quarter sheet

Willow has a saddle pad and quarter sheet on order as we speak so check back for photos and more detailed product reviews. In the mean time, visit ChestnutMareCrafts on Etsy and Facebook and be sure to tell Meredith that I sent you!


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