Resource Alert: Cathy Drumm, Dressage Instructor

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I just wanted to give y’all a heads up on a great new plus size friendly resource. Cathy Drumm is a Dressage trainer based in Western, MA. Cathy travels around the country offering lessons, training, and clinics in English Dressage, Western Dressage, and Hunter/Jumpers. Cathy is an advocator for plus size equestrian altheletes and is able to the meet the needs of the plus size rider in a friendly and safe environment.

“Cathy has been an equestrian instructor and trainer for over 30 years. Raised and educated in England, she learned to ride in the classical school of horsemanship, working her way through the British Pony Club ratings, eventing, hunting and showing.

Upon graduating from college in 1979, certified to teach English to high school students, Cathy moved to the United States and after teaching for 3 years, decided to resume her equestrian career. She began by giving lessons at local farms, and as her experience and knowledge grew, so did her business. She also had a family during this time, getting married in 1985 and eventually having three daughters, all of whom are talented riders.”

Cathy Drumm, Western Dressage Association of America :

Cathy Drumm Homepage:


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