Resources (Saddles and Tack)

Saddles and Tack:

Used/Consignment Saddles and Tack:

  • Craigslist– A great place to start your search. There are often used saddles, tack, and clothing such as boots, boots and helmets that are worth your time. In my experience, 18″ saddle postings are fairly common and I’ve even seen a few 19″ go up here and there. There are even horses posted for sale, trade, or free lease. I find new stuff on Craigslist everyday. PLEASE NOTE: This is Craigslist. Make sure to watch out for spam and questionable listings…
  • Ebay is a great place to find new and used items. There are usually a few listings for 19″ and 20″ saddles up at any given time and the quality of the listings ranges from cheap low quality saddles up to top of the line brand name saddles. They also have great deals on everyday items such as splint boots, leathers and irons, polo wraps, and anything else you can think of. The key is to search items you need every few days. Mew items are being posted all time time, and it’s important to check back frequently so you don’t miss out on great deals!
  • The Galloping Grape has a HUGE online selection of english, western, australian, treeless, and trail saddles.
  • Pelham Saddlery in NH focus on used saddles and have a large inventory so they are more likely to have your size.

New Saddles and Tack:  Tack stores usually carry some items that fit big girls. I haven’t had a problem finding half chaps or extra-wide boots in a tack store, but finding a saddle was tricky. Large saddles aren’t hot ticket items, so tack stores tend to have limited stock and I’ve only seen up to a size 18.5″. My advise is to call ahead. Tell the store what you are looking for and give them your budget info. They can use their networking ability to your advantage and might be able to find what you need.

  • ChestnutMareCrafts – English saddle pads, quarter sheets, polo wraps, and more…Etsy shop and small local Connecticut business boasting beautifully hand made products. Standard pads have a 23″ spine and will accomodate larger seat saddles. They are cut to fit most A/P and jumping saddles or can be ordered in custom sizes (i.e. dressage, pony, or large draft) by special request. Quarter sheets come in 5 sizes and 3 styles.
  • Davis Manufacturing – A popular choice for bell boots and splint boots. Bell boots come in all sizes from mini to draft. Draft bells come in 2 sizes for a better fit for those big dinner plate feet! Splint boots are also available in draft size
  • Dover Saddlery – A popular saddlery for English saddles in a wide range of seat sizes and tree widths, and tack to warmblood size.
  • – Online tack store deticated solely to draft horses and warmbloods.
  • Duett Saddlery – Specializing in fine English saddles for wide horses. Seat sizes up to 20″ are available in most models.
  • – Gorgeous sheepskin sport boots from pony to hard to find draft sizes in a multitude of colors. This website is also notable for thier beautiful selection of fancy brow bands.
  • SmartPak – A top pick for English (and now Western) saddles, and tack through warmblood size.
  • State Line Tack – Online tack store with a large variety of saddles, including large seat sizes. a popular website for horse and some O/S tack.
  • – Online tack store deticated to the draft show horse. Show and specialy bridles in english, western, portuguese, medieval, and more.
  • The Smith-Worthington Saddle Co. – Fine English Tack and Saddles in cob, horse, and draft sizes.
  • HorseLoverZ, the world’s largest online tack store, stocks a HUGE saddle and tack inventory! They offer an “EZ Test Ride” Program , everyday low price shipping, and a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee. I use this website a lot and I get amazing customer service every time I shop!


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